How many continents are there?

Can you name them? Which one is New Zealand in?

You may be surprised to hear that I get a lot of different responses to these questions. Answers vary depending on where the individual learned geography. An Irish man I met answered 7 continents, a German woman answered 6 continents, and an Australian couple agreed on 5 continents.

So why do I find this information so fascinating? Because every individual I ask is able to justify their answer with a logical explanation for their thinking. When I share my thoughts on the matter, we engage in discussion to understand other views and thought processes. I’m not arguing that one person is right and another wrong. The beauty here is found in our differences. While education is different all around the world, it is beneficial to learn how and what others learn to expand our own knowledge and understand world views.

To me, Global Education means understanding cultural differences, raising awareness to alternative teaching methods, working toward international connections, and developing skills necessary for global citizens. The world is getting to be a smaller place, and the future of our students will demand cultural competence in the workforce more than ever before. So let’s teach our students how to live in this global society.


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